CHICAGO — Another victory for Mayor Brandon Johnson’s progressive agenda with an ordinance that gives workers in Chicago a totally of 10 days off.

The vote came just after 6 p.m. Thursday, the version of the ordinance that passed was a compromise from the initial one introduced.

Starting January 1, 2024, employers must give full time workers five sick days and another five days for any reason.

Larger companies with more than 100 workers will have to pay out up to seven sick days when an employee leaves. Whereas medium size businesses, will have a two year faze-in period and companies with 50 or fewer employees will be exempt from the payout.

Labor unions are among the policy supporters whereas, Ald. Brendan Reilley whose ward includes downtown said on the council forum that many restaurant groups have told him they won’t continue investing.

Mayor Johnson suggested the policy be a work in progress and aldermen will vote on amendments and modifications at a later date.