CHICAGO — As cold weather approaches, the city has announced a plan to keep asylum seekers warm.

Over the weekend Mayor Brandon Johnson announced the plan which includes the deployment of warming buses at designated locations — on top of providing essential items like coats and blankets.

The city will also partner with faith-based leaders to establish emergency staging areas and shelters.

Since August 2022, more than 19,000 asylum seekers have arrived in the city. With shelters at capacity, the overflow of new arrivals can be seen at area police stations where many are currently located and relying on tents for shelter.

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The city will collaborate with external partners, volunteers and mutual aid grounds to provide blankets, coats and other necessities.

Warming buses will be provided by the CTA at the landing location and 16 police district locations.

In the announcement, the mayor said they are continuing to work with aldermen, the state and communities across the city to move new arrivals indoors.