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CICERO, Ill. — The town of Cicero declared a state of emergency and implemented a curfew after a deadly night of unrest and looting.

Police said they got 41 calls for shots fired that resulted in two people dying. There were also several arrests for looting, and now there are concerns that a racial war is brewing.

Officials said outside agitators stormed the town after downtown Chicago was practically shutdown.

Cicero Police Chief Jerry Chlada Jr. said they made about 60 arrests and in addition to the arrests for burglary, theft and unlawful use of a weapon, three people were also being held on suspicion of killing a Chicago man near 50th Street and Cermak Road. In another incident, two people were shot outside of a convenience store and 27-year-old Victor Cazares.

Some residents took matters into their own hands and started patrolling streets and guarding businesses with their own weapons. At a press conference Tuesday, police asked residents to leave that up to officials.

“Allow us to handle any criminal activity and remain in their homes,” Chlada said. “We will not allow or condone anyone to be in the town of Cicero with any type of weapons because they will be arrested.”

Cicero resident Shaperal Faulkner-Wells is concerned a racial war is brewing between blacks and Latinos. She said she was approached by several men last night while driving. She said she was told as long as she stays in her home she’ll be safe. She said after exchanging a few words with them, they flashed their bats at her.

She pleaded with Cicero town president Larry Dominick to address it.

Dominick stood with the protestors for a few minutes. 

Chlada denied reports that gang members had been recruited by police to patrol the town, calling the claim “ludicrous.”

A curfew has been imposed starting at 8 p.m. until 6 a.m. and several streets will be closed. Cicero from Roosevelt to Ogden, Cermak Road from 46th Avenue to 50th Avenue and 16th Street from 46th Avenue to Cicero Avenue.