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CHICAGO – Chicago’s LGBTQ community took to the pavement on Sunday to ensure their voices were heard.

A large group of LGBTQ members, many of them of color, came together on Sunday at Belmont near the Red/Brown lines L station. 

“Dear white people and gay men: our life experiences as trans women of color are not yours. We are not the same,” said a woman named Zahara. “I said last year, and I would like for you to know, so your children will know. And your children’s children will know, again, ‘I am a Black woman. I am a Black trans woman.’ You have no right to speak for us.”

Organizers feel the city’s Pride Parade overlooks Black and brown LGBTQ members, adding that they also feel Chicago Pride has too much corporate input. 

“We are not here to celebrate, we are here to build community,” said Samer Owaida. “To make it known that while people celebrate, Black and brown trans people are being murdered. Black people are being murdered and Palestinians are being murdered.” 

Following the speeches, the crowd marched for several blocks, as supporters watched from the sidewalk. 

“We are not looking to be marginalized or tokenized in your politics systemic racial agenda, workforce settings or corporate gatherings,” Zahara added. “Equality is what we are asking for.”

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