Chicagoans rally to extend Afghanistan evacuation deadline

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CHICAGO — Approximately 100 Chicagoans took to the streets Saturday to protest on behalf of Afghans awaiting evacuation following the Taliban takeover of the country.

Many of those who gathered for the rally have Afghan descent and are terrified for loved ones still trying to get out.

“We’ve lost our home, we cannot see hope in our future. My family is all there, only I am here. Everyday they are calling me and asking what we should do,” one attendee said.

A 17-year-old and a 15-year-old named Asma and Masooma organized the event, and have founded a group named ‘Chicago for Afghans.’

They organized a similar protest last week and coordinated this one in conjunction with similar protests happening in cities across the country.

The rally primarily took place in Federal Plaza, though the group marched around the block as well. The teens say August 31 makes no sense as a deadline, and that more time is needed to help everyone.

“The deadline needs to be extended because there are so many people trying to leave. Thousands and thousands of Afghans have helped the US, where’s the loyalty? It’s inhuman to not help them back,” one attendee said.

The activists are hoping people will start making calls to their Senators and Congressmen, while pledging to continue organizing events on behalf of Afghans.

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