Chicago street artists, inspired by pandemic, express themes of isolation and gratitude

Chicago News

CHICAGO — Street art has been called the purest form of social commentary — taking urgent issues and transforming them into graphic images for the public.

The coronavirus pandemic is inspiring artists to produces murals across the city reacting to the themes of isolation, death, and fear.  Others have used art to encouraging people to wash their hands and stay home.  Some have also used murals to express gratitude for workers on the frontline of the pandemic.

Milton Coronado painted a mural on a building under the L tracks near California and Fullerton Avenues, showing appreciation for nurses, with the bold words “Stay Home.”

“It’s interesting,” he said, “during this time we actually take advantage of it and just create work and grow. And, hopefully when this is all over, we can come out stronger and wiser — with much more work that we have produced while in quarantine.”


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