Chicago splash pads to reopen as beaches, pools remain closed

Chicago News

CHICAGO — As Chicagoans look for some relief from the heat, Mayor Lori Lightfoot says they’re not going to find it in Lake Michigan. 

“We don’t see the beaches opening up anytime soon,” she said at a news conference Monday.

Beaches and pools are beginning to reopen throughout the suburbs, but in Chicago, the wait continues.

Lightfoot ordered the park district to open its splash pools so people can get some relief.

The city announced last week that cooling centers and cooling buses are also available. 

The mayor says the challenge with beaches is that they’re ripe for congregating, without the ability to social distance. 

“I’m mindful of the fact that we’re expected to see several days of 90-degree heat this week,” she said. “But I don’t see a circumstance yet, because I don’t think the public health metrics would allow for it, where we’re going to be opening up the beaches or swimming pools.”

Health officials say the water itself is not a concern for spreading the coronavirus — it’s the proximity swimmers and beach-goers get to other people.

WGN has reached out to the Chicago Park District to see when the splash pads will be turned on, but so far, no response.


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