CHICGAO — A Chicago shoemaker is gaining the reputation as not only a highly sought after designer but the place to go for those with large feet, small feet and everything in between.

Orders are coming in from all over the world to a homegrown Chicago shop named Mohop that creates women’s shoes in 160 sizes.  

Annie Mohaupt is the store’s co-founder.

“It really is kind of an honor to be able to make shoes for people who legitimately have been suffering without having any options,” she said. “Ten percent of people are really not served at all by off the shelf shoes, length wise. They have to wear kids shoes or mens shoes. Sixty percent of women don’t fit width wise in shoes.”

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Mohop is on a mission to change the shoemaking landscape and completely embodies what it means to “walk a mile in their shoes.” And the shoes look like gorgeous artwork with all the color and detail.

“Every shoe we make is different. It’s very rare to make two of the exact same which makes it fun on the shoe making side of things as well,” she said.