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CHICAGO – The violence between Israel and Palestine has shown no signs of slowing down, with Sunday becoming the deadliest day since tensions erupted last week. 

In Chicago, thousands of Pro-Palestinian supporters on Sunday once again took to the streets to march for peace.

“They’re destroying media outlets towers that house internet and phones, so all these services are affected. They don’t want the world to know about the genocide they’re carrying out on Palestine,” said Maha, a demonstrator who declined to give her last name to WGN. Maha has an 84-year-old father living amid the chaos.

“Life for them is very scary,” she added. “Its very dangerous. Rockets are falling on people’s homes. Children are being carried out of the rubble. These are the images they’re seeing day and night.”

Such images lit a fire under thousands of Chicagoans who gathered downtown at Michigan Avenue, holding signs and carrying flags. Others showed support from their vehicles. All, however, were united in their message: an end to ongoing violence in the Middle East that has left at least 50 children dead in Gaza.

“This is the strongest Army in the Middle East going up against, mostly, a civilian population, devastating that population from the air,” said organizer Hatem Abudayyeh, who also has loved ones on the front lines.

“I’m absolutely concerned for my family and friends, but my people are going to be out in the streets challenging that Army directly.”

Abudayyeh hopes the U.S. steps in to help. One thought, he says, is for the nation to curb its cashflow to Israel.

“If we’re giving them $4 billion a year,” he says, “we have the right to say ‘stop your violence, stop your killing.'”

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