Over the weekend, 46 people were shot, and at least nine killed across the city.

Among the incidents was a shooting early Sunday morning, when gunfire erupted in the 4800 block of West Iowa. Nearly 100 people were gathered for a celebration of life when, according to police, an argument broke out around 1 a.m. and unknown offenders began firing shots. 25-year-old Terry’a Adams was killed and six others wounded.

The Chicago Police Department held a news conference Monday asking the public’s help for information.

The CPD’s own numbers show that while murders are down slightly so far this year compared to last and in 2021, other crime is up. Robberies are up 16 percent from the same time last year and up 37 percent from 2021.

By far the biggest jump is in vehicle thefts. More than doubling from 2022 and tripling from 2021. 

Despite that uphill battle, the latest class of CPD officers has an optimistic view of what they can do to help. 

Earlier Monday, 261 new Chicago police officers took their oath of office, while detectives, sergeants, captains, and others received promotions. 

As of right now Chicago has about 11,700 sworn officers. That is about 1300 less than the 13,000 budgeted.

Mayor Brandon Johnson is pushing for more detectives in the department to help solve crimes faster.

“We pray for Chicago”

As a response to last weekend’s violence, a group gathered on the City’s South Side to, simply, pray for Chicago Monday.

“We pray for Chicago, we pray for the violence,” said Pastor Donovan Price, from Street Pastors Solutions and Resources. “We get together, we sing, we pray a lot and I talk about what’s going on in the city, what I’ve been through. And then we move on until the next week and the next week.”

Price said they reflected on the violence that impacted the City from Friday evening through Sunday, and will continue to meet every Monday through their Summer Prayer Initiative, held at 7 p.m. on 87th Street near the Dan Ryan Expressway.

“It’s time for us not to be scared of summer, but to be active in this summer,” Price said. “Be active both to enjoy yourself with the stuff going on and be active in part of the solution, be proactive.”