Chicago police officer who shot, killed Anthony Alvarez under fire for road rage incident

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CHICAGO The Chicago police officer that shot and killed 22-year-old Anthony Alvarez in March is under investigation following a road rage incident in Logan Square last week first reported by Block Club Chicago.

Just after 6 p.m. on May 21, two men got into a screaming match while driving in the 2900 block of West Logan Boulevard.

Witnesses pulled out their cell phones and recorded as the situation escalated. The driver in the white SUV got out of his vehicle and confronted the man driving a red Ford Mustang, believed to be Chicago police officer Evan Solano.

Solano is currently under investigation for the fatal shooting of Anthony Alvarez on March 31 in Portage Park.

“The police officer with his gun out exited the vehicle went around the white car and followed where the other guy was going,” one witness said.

Solano is then seen with a gun in his hand while the other man is heard telling him there are children in the car.

“What we see is an officer who is undisciplined, out of control and someone who escalates a confrontation rather than following any de-escalation training he has received,” Steven Fine, the Alvarez family attorney said.

Solano fatally shot 22-year-old Anthony Alvarez during a foot chase on March 31. Body camera footage shows Alvarez was walking near a gas station and carrying a gun, although he did not raise or point it during the chase. He was shot in his back and left knee.

Attorneys for the Alvarez family plan to use these videos in a civil case against the officer, who is on extended administrative duty following the shooting investigation.

“Obviously he’s under the microscope from the Alvarez incident, but he still cannot control himself to the point where is no longer putting other individuals in danger. Clearly he’s not understanding the significance of his behavior and he should be separated from the department,” Fine said.

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