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CHICAGO – A new report shows the City of Chicago needs to pick up the pace on police reform.

Chicago police missed a majority of their consent decree deadlines in its first year.

The department made some progress, but missed a little over 70 percent of its deadlines. Pressure is mounting as activists continue to demand an end to police brutality.

“Now we hear that the chant has grown louder in terms of what they want to see our department do on reform,” said CPD Deputy Superintendent Barbara West.

Chicago police said they’re listening and are working to come up with solutions.

“We’ve added to our mental health staff, we’ve created a crisis and intervention team, and we’ve also began to do community engagement in terms of our policies in a different way and manner,” West said.

But they’ve also missed the mark on the consent decree. It’s a court-enforced reform plan that requires the department to make changes in several areas; like use of force, community policing, accountability and training.

The new report finds the city met 35 deadlines and missed 89 in the first year with this kind of oversight.

“We’re not trying to slow roll our consent decree. We’ve been on the road to reform for some time now,” West said. “Back in 2016, we began to make changes and change our efforts so we’re doubling up on our efforts in order to come to compliance.”

“(The report) illustrates how the level of transformational change and reform that we are working towards cannot be acheived overnight,” Mayor Lightfoot and Supt. David Brown said in a joint-statement.

Earlier this week, they talked about the importance of community involvement as they announced a new working group with review CPD”s use of force policies.

“We will only have true public safety when the community is engaged and involved in charting the course for public safety on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis,” Lightfoot said.

Chicago police have at least five years to comply with the consent decree order.