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CHICAGO — People in need of food and face masks during the coronavirus pandemic are receiving help from a church, Chicago police and other volunteers.

Abundant Blessings Church, with help from the Chicago Police 7th District, hosted a food and mask giveaway in Englewood Thursday.

Brenda Bunch was one of many waiting in line at 1316 W. 63rd Street. The long lines and concerned faces, telling the story of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I was terminated, so I don’t have a job at this point,” she said. “So this will help me out as my insurance lapses as the end of this month.”

Chicago’s black and brown communities have been utterly devastated by the loss of work amid the pandemic. Food insecurity has been a rapidly growing problem, as families run out of resources.

“What we’ve learned is that 11% of Chicagoans have gone to a food pantry over the past week,” said Dr. Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach of Northwestern University. “And it’s almost one out of every five families with children have had to turn to a food pantry.”

Volunteers young and old were seen in the Abundant Blessings Church parking lot helping to pass out food and free face masks.

Pastor C.E. Brown III said he was so proud to see volunteers from his church giving back to the community they love.

“I’ve noticed families that are in need, really struggling,” the pastor said. “It hits my heart to see children without food.”

The 7th District Chicago police said they’re trying to do this sort of thing at least once a month.

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