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CHICAGO – The head of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police is facing the possibility he may be fired from CPD over a series of inflammatory posts on social media.

In a Thursday meeting, the chief administrator of the police board recommended that John Catanzara lose his job because of more than a dozen posts he made on Facebook dating back to 2016.

They include a post in which he suggested killing people. In another post about Muslims, the police board said Catanzara wrote, “savages they all deserve a bullet.”

In a different post, he uploaded a picture of himself in a police uniform making a political statement, which is against department policy.

The police superintendent suggested Catanzara should be suspended for a year and not fired.

The decision will now made by the full Chicago Police Board.

Catanzara responded to WGN News, saying the timing is “beyond suspicious.”

“The timing is beyond suspicious. It was rendered by a Rahm Emmanuel disciple which was supposedly “random,” Catanzara said. “Our members have not received any fairness from COPA or the Police Board for several years now. To think I will get a fair hearing is beyond ridiculous.”

Read the full police board documents below. Viewer discretion is advised.

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