CHICAGO — The Chicago Park District is sending an SOS.

The agency needs more lifeguards and is now making an enticing offer

Chicago’s beaches will open on Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer.

Superintendent of the Chicago Park District Rosa Escareno says that while the group has enough lifeguards to staff the city’s 27 beaches, the issue is the city’s pools.

Escareno says about 70 of them are supposed to open on June 24. The date is also when the summer camps, which deal with about 14,000 kids, kick off.  

WGN News could not retrieve specific numbers from the park district on how many more lifeguards are needed to fully and safely staff all of the beaches – and pools – this summer.

Park district officials said they would better understand how things are looking for the pool situation in a few weeks.  

“We will have a better idea on June 24,” Escareno said. “We are not closing our application process. We are going to keep it open because our goal is to open as many, if not all, but as many of our pools as possible.”

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WGN News learned that about 2,100 seasonal workers are hired each year by the park district. The district will compensate workers roughly $15-16 dollars an hour with bonuses of $200 for many employees.

Bonuses for the lifeguards are $500.  

Anyone interested can apply by clicking here.