CHICAGO — A recently retired Chicago police officer is facing felony chargers related to over a decade’s worth of parking tickets he lied to get out of, according to court documents.

Jeffrey Kriv, 56,  has been charged with four counts of perjury, and five counts of forgery.

According to court documents, an investigation revealed that between 2009 and 2002, Kriv successfully disputed numerous parking tickets and moving violations “by providing fraudulent documents as evidence and/or making false statements” at hearings while under oath.

According to court documents, Kriv resolved 44 different tickets by coming to court and testifying that his girlfriend has stolen his car on the day the ticket was issued and that it was his girlfriend who was responsible for the violation. Kriv falsified a police report to support his false claim.

The total cost of those 44 tickets were $3,665. 

Kriv was a police officer during the years of the investigation. He retired earlier this month on January 20. Prior to his retirement, he was relieved of his police powers on January 10.