CHICAGO — In a room at the 12th district CPD police station, volunteers with the mutual aid group, Todo Para Todos, and CTU members helped migrant parents enroll their children and teens in Chicago Public Schools on Monday.

“Kids who just arrived today, yesterday and this week are registered for school and get all the supplies that they need to set them up and welcome them here in Chicago,” said Kathleen Murphy, a volunteer with Todo Para Todos, which translates to “Everything for Everyone.”

Those on hand also handed out backpacks stocked with school supplies, hoping to meet the academic needs of the City’s newest, youngest residents.

CPS has not said exactly how many migrant students have joined the district, but CPS CEO Pedro Martinez said the number of English learners has increased since last year.

“We’re [at] about 5,000 new English language learners,” Martinez said. “Normally, we have about 3,000 because every year, we are receiving children from all over the world.”

A CPS spokesperson told WGN News that at least 700 English learners have been enrolled over the past month, with another 1,000 expected to be enrolled in the next few weeks.