CHICAGO — A new month means new laws and changes taking effect and one of those includes an increase in minimum wage.

The increases are tiered based on the company’s size — differing between those that have four to 20 employees and those that have more than 21. For larger companies, the hourly wage for non-tipped staff, will go from $15 to $15.40. Smaller companies will see a 50 cent hourly hike from $14 dollars to $14.50. 

Anyone under 18 in a non-tipped gig is now entitled to $12 an hour and $7.20 per hour if tips are included in the job. 

The minimum wage hike is one that’s annually scheduled. It has been going up in increments each year in Chicago. 

Andy Fox from the city’s Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection said a new sexual harassment policy also takes effect Friday for Chicago employers.

There are also increases taking effect for minimum wage workers across Cook County. 

The minimum wage will increase to $13.35 for non-tipped workers and $7.40 for tipped employees.

In addition to all of that, the state’s 1% grocery sales tax will also be suspended through July 1 of next year which officials say will save taxpayers up to $400 million through the next 12 months, helping deal with high inflation.