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CHICAGO — A man from Chicago took matters into his own hands over a particularly troublesome speed bump — and now it’s going to cost him.

For nearly three weeks, Nicolas Benitez hacked away at a bump in the alley near his home in the city’s Brighton Park neighborhood.

He says the city didn’t act on his complaints about the speed bump. People blamed it for damaging cars and trapping snow and ice in the winter.

So, Benitez grabbed a pickax and whittled away at it.

“I did one piece today, another piece tomorrow. Little by little I took it out,” Benitez told the Chicago Tribune.

He now faces a $500 fine and a court case for damaging city property. Benitez may also have to pay for the city to replace it.

Southwest Side Ald. Raymond Lopez posted a photo to Twitter this week showing the gaping hole where the speed bump was partially removed.