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CHICAGO — As the refugee crisis following the fall of Kabul in Afghanistan continues, lawyers in Chicago and across the country are working to bring refugees into the US while helping those currently in America.

For Pegah Pasalar, bringing three brothers and their families to the US from Afghanistan is currently the biggest task at hand.

Pasalar has teamed up with the McEntee Law Firm in Chicago, looking to expedite the process in bringing refugees to the US

In a humanitarian crisis, Pasalar is working to sponsor refugees who she knows through her relatives, despite never meeting them in person.

Pasalar said one of the brothers she has worked to help has three children of his own, and they had sat in the Kabul airport for 48 hours this week hoping to get on an evacuation flight.

During that time, one of the children, a 10-year-old, was whipped by the Taliban, as was the child’s father.

They have been keeping touch via phone and text, but hold a constant worry about when she may or may not hear from them.

Pasalar said their families were considered targets due to their education status.

The PARS Equality Center, which works to assist people from Persian-speaking countries with integrating into the US, and is accepting donations here.