CHICAGO — A group of local men conspired to traffic stolen pharmaceuticals worth millions for over a year, authorities allege.

After more than a year long investigation, police have arrested the suspects for their roles in profiting from stolen pharmaceutical products and other over the counter items.

Matthew Smith, 39, of Chicago, Abdel Jarwan, 75, of Chicago, Khaled Hussein, 57, of Chicago, and Wael Kartoum, 26, of Chicago Ridge, were taken into custody recently following a 13-month investigation by multiple agencies.

They’re accused of running an illegal fencing conspiracy involving trafficking $2 million worth of stolen pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter merchandise per month in exchange for cash.

The bulk of the stolen merchandise from various locations including allergy medicine and other common medications like Tylenol and Motrin.

Once the stolen items were delivered to MJ Tobacco Foodmart, Sergeant Delaney said that’s when the four suspects got involved.

The products were stolen from retails stores, authorities said. During the investigation, more than $1.3 million worth of stolen products and an estimated $150,00 in cash and gold were recovered.

Further investigations shows that the suspects were shipping about $2 million worth of stolen products each month.

Smith, Jarwan and Hussein were charged with continuing a financial crimes enterprise and multiple counts of theft. Kartoum was charged with theft.

In addition to the listed charges, Smith was also charged with manufacturing heroin and manufacturing/delivery of cannabis near a school.