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CHICAGO — The Chicago Police Department released its October crime report Monday.

In Chicago, the violent crime is still on track to top 2020.

Through the end of October this year, compared to the same period last shootings are up 9%, shooting victims are up 8.6% and murders are up 3%.  Carjackings are at an all time high and up more that 26% compared to last year.

Monday Chicago Police Supt David Brown also noted the positives.

His officers have seized a record number of illegal guns from the street and making inroads in clearance rates for murder cases.

Still, the increase in shootings, murders and carjackings, especially in previously lower crime areas, like downtown, are an issue.

“I think what works is whole of government approach,” Brown said. “We’ve seen that in the pilot program over the summer. One of those beats had a 75% reduction in homicides.”

Brown believes much of the rise in crime is attributed to a lack of consequences, as younger criminals believe they won’t pay the price with time behind bars.

“One of the juveniles that I briefed you on had previously been arrested eight different times for the same crime and gets out of jail because there are no consequences,” Brown said. “Not just for juveniles but violent offenders in the courts.”

Full numbers report: Oct 2020 vs October 2021

Shootings Up 2%:
2021: 304
2020: 298

Shooting Victims Up 3.5%
2021: 356
2020: 344

Murders Down 14.5 %
2021: 59
2020: 69

January 1  – October 31 2021 VS January 1 – October 2020

  • Shootings are up 9 %
  • Shooting victims are up 8.6%
  • Murders are up 3 %

2021 VS 2019

  • Shootings are up 39.5%
  • Shooting victims up 41%
  • Murders are up 36%

2021 carjackings through Oct. 31  

  • Arrests:  1441
  • Criminal trespass to vehicle: 570
  • Possession of a stolen vehicle: 315
  • Vehicular hijacking: 273

2020 carjackings through Oct 31

  • Arrests: 1056
  • Criminal trespass to vehicle: 1034
  • Possession of a stolen vehicle: 446
  • Vehicular hijacking: 158