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CHICAGO — Thursday evening, drone photographer Antoine Tissier was capturing the fall colors and sunset across the North Side of Chicago.

Unknowingly at first, he caught a glimpse of a couple beginning their lives together.

“I saw their shadow first, which was really long,” Tissier said of the picture he found the couple in, taken under the Grant Statue in Lincoln Park.

Tissier landed the drone and began a 100 foot walk to the statue, but saw that the couple had already left by the time he made his way over.

“They were gone already, so I could not ask them an e-mail or something so I could share the picture with them,” Tissier said.

Tissier then posted the picture online, looking for the couple before being picked up by WGN News and being shared hundreds of times.

Emily Hartney saw the photo for the first time after her brother-in-law saw WGN’s post and tagged her in it.

“WGN shared a link and it was getting shared around Facebook and he just tagged me, and Omar and he said ‘is this you?’ And I looked and said ‘oh yeah, I think so!’ So it was kind of crazy,” Hartney said.

The young couple got engaged in June, and recently took their engagement photos near the Grant Statue with their own photographer.

Her fiancée Omar Gonzalez said he believes the moment was a happy coincidence.

“That was a great time because it was right when the sun was setting, you saw that photo and our photographer had us stand in that tunnel right in the rock, and it just so happened that somebody was flying a drone and took a picture,” Gonzalez said.

Tissier sees the moment as something really nice in what has been a difficult year.

“I would say something really nice in 2020, not expecting something that romantic and positive,” Tissier said.

As for Hartney and Gonzalez, a positive sign for a couple looking to get married in 2021.

“Definitely a good omen. Good things are to come,” Hartney said.

Antoine Tissier’s work can be found on his Instagram here.