‘This guy’s going to shoot me’: Chicago carjacking victims shares stories as warning to other drivers

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CHICAGO — Two recent victims of a carjackings in Chicago are sharing their stories with WGN as a warning to other drivers.

The first carjacking happened around 8 a.m. Saturday at the intersection of North Ave., Milwaukee Ave. and Damen in Wicker Park.

“I was heading downtown and I was approaching the intersection. The light was red so I was coming to a stop. Before I even got to a full stop, I saw two people approaching the car,” the man told WGN reporter Sean Lewis.

The man said the incident happened very quickly, and he feels fortunate to be alive.

“It wasn’t really until I think I started rolling out of the car that I started to think ‘there’s a gun on my head, this guy’s going to shoot me, I could die,” the man recalled.

Chicago police recovered his car a few hours later. So far, no arrests have been made in the case.

WGN Investigates uncovered a huge surge in carjackings recently in Chicago.

Police data shows there have been 1,125 carjackings since mid-November; a 124% increase from 2019, and far more than any of the last five years.

Arrests are being made in only 16% of those cases so far. police said it’s due to vague descriptions from the victims due to face masks.

Many of the carjackers are young in age.

“I would be shocked if they were even 21-years old. Young guys, like baby faced,” the carjacking victim told WGN.

He’s not the only one who shared their story.

A Humboldt Park man and his family were lucky to be alive after an attempted carjacking early Monday in the 2800 block of West Chicago Avenue.

Police said 29 rounds were fired at the family.

The father believes he was followed by a dark-colored Nissan Altima off California Avenue.

“There is another bullet hole right by my head,” he said. “One more in the back by my daughter.”

The man was shot in the leg, but the rest of his family escaped the bullets.


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