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CHICAGO — After a rise in abuse of flight crews since the pandemic began, the Chicago Federation of Labor’s airport committee held a town hall to help those impacted speak out.

The amount of unruly passengers has more than doubled since last year.

“Simple things that we are asking them to do,” flight attendant Teddy Andrews said. “They’re becoming furious and enraged. We ban them on American and they jump over to Delta.”

A recent survey of flight attendants found that 85 percent of flight attendants reported dealing with an unruly passenger this year.

From Jan. 1 to Sept. 21, 4,385 unruly passengers were reported. There were 3,199 mask incidents.

The incidents aren’t just happening on planes, they’re also taking place in terminals and at gates.

“The customers come very rude. They’re impatient,” Leviette Green said. “They complain about having a flight to catch.”

The AFA is calling on the FAA and the Department of Justice to better protect passengers and crews.