CHICAGO — Students and seniors came together Tuesday on the South Side of Chicago to celebrate Thanksgiving a little bit early.

Students at the Chicago Agricultural School were cooking all day to serve 400 senior citizens in the community.

It’s an annual event and there’s a whole lot of preparation and collaboration that goes into it.

“Food is always what I like to do,” Noah Howe-Brown said. “I can share with people in my own way.”

The turkeys were raised at the farm.

“There were kids in animal science who raised them, cleaned them, fed them all,” Howe-Brown said. “They got to the point where they were big enough, shipped off and came back to us.”

Amonte Campbell has been guiding the kids through it all with some help from Jason Ison from Smith Village.

He said an event like this is truly a win for everyone.

“It feels great, amazing,” Ison said. “Something I wish I had in high school. The kids get a lot out of it and I know the seniors love the food too.”

Those who attended the dinner are donating a suggested $5 and some food to the Maple Morgan Park Food Pantry.