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CHICAGO — When you’re inspired to foster change, age is just a number.

For Jahkil Jackson, a table toward the exit of a South Side grocery store helped show people his mission to take a stand against bullying. 

Words for this 13-year-old come pretty easily. And If you think you’ve heard of him before you may be right. He is the founder of Project I Am.

In the early spring, before the pandemic shutdown, Jahkil was a guest on the WGN Morning News show.

He’s been recognized for his effort to help those experiencing homelessness with what he calls “Blessings Bags.”

He met former President Barack Obama. And when Marvel heard about what he’s done, they made him part of their Heroes comic book series. 

His latest focus is his new book. 

“My book is telling my story about how I went through sixth and seventh grade with bullying and I know a lot of people who’ve dealt with it,” he said. “My book is about bullying and overcoming bullying and trying to inspire other kids to get through that.”

It’s the reason this eighth grader sits here now ready to sign a copy and inspire hope. 

His parents said they’re amazed of their child. His dad, Jamiel Jackson said he’s a wonderful gift from God.

“To be so young and want to give back and also being an only child,” he said. “That’s kind of unusual for an only child to be so giving.”

A simple message of self-acceptance  put into a kids book — one that Jahkil hopes will find a broader audience.

“The overall message of my book, ‘I Am,’ is to inspire other kids that they are great, they are smart, they are amazing, because that’s what my book is about,” he sid. “Affirmations about themselves, saying that to themselves.”

You can find Jahkil’s book right now on Amazon.