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CHICAGO — Chicago police announced charges in a shooting that killed two teens on the South Side.

17-year-old Jasean Francis and 16-year-old Charles Riley were killed in a South Shore shooting Saturday night.

Laroy Battle

Thursday Chicago police charged 19-year-old Laroy Battle with two counts of first degree murder.

Police said Francis and Riley were with another friend and went to get candy from the store Saturday around 5 p.m.

Police said the teens saw Battle in line at the store and commented on his height. They asked him how tall he was.

Police said the teens did not know Battle.

According to police, they left and Battle followed them.

Police said Battle shot the teens multiple times in an alley near 79th Street and Luella Avenue.

Neighbors reported seeing Battle toss a gun in the trash. 

Police said justice was swift in the case because of help from the community and clear surveillance video of the gunman.

Battle was identified and arrested while out at a hotel in Schiller Park.

A prayer vigil will be held for the victims Friday near the scene. 

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