CHICAGO — More than 100 women were treated to an early Mother’s Day celebration Wednesday.
The Chicago Housing Authority selected the group to receive a makeover and celebrate in the South Loop after an especially difficult year.

It was more than just a makeover. The event focused on empowering moms from the inside out. 

Many women WGN News spoke with said it’s an emotional experience and for some, the only celebration they’ll receive.  

Augustina Townsend is a single mom to her teenaged son, Miles. 

“This makes me feel loved,” she said. “I broke down, I started crying because it was too good to be true what did I do to deserve to be here.” 

Townsend moved to Chicago from Nigeria 20 years ago and relies on Chicago Public Housing to support her family. 

“It’s been a rough run but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else,” she said.

CHA partnered with the Daisie Foundation, which specializes in random acts of kindness, to pamper the moms who could use some extra love. 

They got their hair styled, makeup done and some new clothes.  

Kristen Hamer is with CHA.

“This is a one stop shop where they walk in and all eyes are focused on them,” she said.

Julie Hightower is with The Daisie Foundation.

“The goal is if no one else remembers them for Mother’s Day Daisie and CHA did today,” she said. 

This event ended with a leadership panel, where women shared inspirational stories to encourage these mom’s to be the best version of themselves.