CHICAGO — The Chicago Fire Department is back at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church after a fire rekindled Monday afternoon.

Firefighters are currently battling the fire in a still and box alarm response. On Friday, the historic church, located at 63rd and Stewart in Englewood, caught ablaze after several parishioners attended Good Friday services.

After about two hours, the fire was struck out. The Rev. Dew spoke with WGN News shortly after the fire and said his parish will persevere.

“It’s a great tragedy, it is Good Friday and that was a tragic event outside of the walls of Jerusalem then and this is a tragic event for us now,” The Rev. Dr. Gerald Dew said. “But just as their was new life that Sunday, we believe there will be a new beginning for the Antioch church in the near future.”

On Saturday, the cause of the fire was ruled accidental. CFD believes it was caused due to roof work being done on the church with a propane torch. More hot spots were extinguished on Saturday afternoon.

“I’m just in total disbelief that our building, our beloved church is gone,” parishioner Stephanie Clark said.

Around 70 firefighters are working on the fire. At around 7 p.m., CFD said the fire is burning deep in the compacted debris. They will be using foam Monday night to try to stop the fire crews are estimated to be there for the next several hours.