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CHICAGO — The Queen of Martyrs Catholic School principal who defied the Archdiocese’s policy by making masks optional for students will not return.

According to Queen of Martyrs representatives, Doc Mathius declined to move forward with the institution following a sit down with officials Tuesday.

In a statement, Father Martin T. Marren with Queen of Martyrs Church in Evergreen Park says he met with Mathius to discuss the events that led to protest and outrage from parents and students.

“I told him I would welcome him back but that, in my view, he needed to take some fair and reasonable steps that would repair the breach his actions created in our parish and school community, as well as with our sister schools in the Archdiocese,” Marren wrote. “I am greatly disappointed to say he declined and as a result, will not be returning to our school.”

While saddened, Marren said the organization could not employ someone who would not abide by rules that apply to all.

“That is a lesson we teach our children, and it also applies to adults,” Marren continued.

Mathius anticipated that he would be disciplined and possibly fired after not enforcing the Archdiocese’s masking policy.

The Archdiocese of Chicago’s stance is that masks need to be worn in their schools, with some exceptions.

Speaking with WGN the day he was reprimanded, Mathius said he did not make the decision lightly but did so with his students in mind.

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“I just thought the time has come. Somebody has to do something,” Mathius said. “In my little tiny corner of the world, I never imagined that it would create this kind of a stir.”

The search for an interim principal is ongoing.