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CHICAGO — Refugees from Afghanistan will begin arriving in Chicago next week and volunteers are needed to help them adapt to their new home.

The U.S. evacuated tens of thousands of Afghans over the summer. They were brought to U.S. military bases around the world and underwent security checks before coming to the states.  

Some of already been helped, others are still waiting.

The move Monday to help upwards of 4,000 people from war-torn Afghanistan is getting a boost. 

“We need you. These families need you,” said Abdullah Mitchell, Exec Director at The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago.

Starting Tuesday, those evacuated from Afghanistan by the US government and who’ve passed security checks, will start arriving in the Chicago area to begin a new life next week. 

Resettlement agencies are at capacity, prompting the call for those in the Chicago area who are able to step up to help those people find housing, apply for benefits, and make the transition from refugee to immigrant. 

Anyone who is able to help with monetary donations, housing donations or use of their time should go to for more info. You can also visit or