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OAK BROOK, Ill. — A 5-year-old boy died Friday after sustaining a traumatic head injury at an Oak Brook hotel, according to police.

Oak Brook police responded to the Drake Hotel at 2301 York Road Friday around 10 p.m. for a call about an injured child. Family members who were at the hotel for a wedding reception called 911 when the boy was discovered unresponsive.

Police said when they arrived, they assisted an emergency medicine physician in attendance for the reception performing CPR on the boy. Oak Brook Fire Department paramedics arrived and transported the 5-year-old to Elmhurst Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police said upon preliminary investigation while reviewing video from the hotel, the boy was laying perpendicular across a sofa table directly behind a sofa in an open area where other children in the party were sitting.

As the children were getting up leaving the area, the boy began to slide off the sofa table, constructed with a granite top, and held the edge with his fingers to slow his descent as he slid backwards. As he dismounted the table, the table fell on top of the boy’s head.

The hotel issued the following statement:

“Our team is heartbroken about this terrible accident. We wish to share our condolences with the family and friends affected. To respect their privacy, we aren’t able to share the specifics of the incident.

No further information was provided.