CHICAGO — Newly released police body camera video captured the moment a Chicago officer shot a13-year-old boy, leaving him paralyzed.

WGN News obtained surveillance video and the officer body camera footage of the shooting that happened May 18 on the city’s West Side. The 13-year-old’s family filed a federal lawsuit against the officer and the Chicago Police Department.

Surveillance video from a gas station on the corner of Cicero and Chicago avenues shows the moment the 13-year-old A.G., as he is referred to in the lawsuit, was shot by a CPD officer.

The video captures police running after the teen. When he turns around, appearing to have his hands up, he is then shot by an officer. A weapon was not found at the scene.

Police said the seventh grader took off running after he got out of a stolen vehicle. In part of the video, officers are seen moving the teen away from the gas pumps. WGN News has decided not to show this portion of the video.

CPD said they moved A.G. because they were concerned the gas pumps may be combustible based on the shots fired in their direction.

The 13-year-old’s family feel the shooting was not justified and are now suing the city and police department. They said the teen may never walk again.

The Civilian Officer of Police Accountability is investigating the shooting.

The officer who shot the teen has been assigned to desk duty pending the outcome of COPA’s investigation.