Big league MLB players team up with food bank to help families in need

Chicago News

CHICAGO — Some big names from baseball’s big leagues came out to help families in need across Chicago Sunday.

Made up of current and former pro baseball players from around the country, the Players Alliance formed in the wake of protests and civil unrest that followed the killing of George Floyd.

Local players with the group teamed up with the Greater Chicago Food Depository and others for four events across Chicago Sunday.

Among them was Blue Island native and former MLB outfielder Curtis Granderson, who said the group was out to help communities of color not only in Chicago but also in 33 cities across the country.

“To have the pandemic come to areas that already had struggles going against them… it helped show things; that there are disparities going on,” Granderson said. “It’s got people wanting to help and bring different things to their communities and trying to help out.”

The event brought together new faces as well, including Cubs first round pick and Mt. Carmel stand-out Ed Howard.

“I feel that is the right thing to do, and I’m excited that I’m finally in a position where I can give back,” Howard said. “I can put smiles on people’s faces so that’s what I want to do.”

Cubs star Jason Heyward also said they hoped they could help bring a smile to so many who are enduring this difficult year.

“To come out and meet them where they live, in their community, and bring a smile, bring something easier, bring a lighter day, a lighter moment, even if it’s just for a second,” Heyward said.


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