CHICAGO — A nonprofit organization is kicking off its first-ever “Banned Bookmobile” tour Thursday in Chicago.

MoveOn Political Action says they’re going on a multistate tour to sound alarms on Florida Gov. Ron Desantis, and other GOP policy makers, censorship and ban on books across the country.

The “MoveOn Banned Bookmobile” plans to distribute books in communities most impacted by the ban.

MoveOn Political Action, along with local lawmakers and activists, officially launched the tour Thursday outside Sandmeyer’s Bookstore, located at 714 South Dearborn Street, in downtown Chicago.

“Ron DeSantis’s anti-American book bans are an attack on all of our freedoms, but he and the MAGA Republican Party cannot erase us,” said MoveOn Political Action Executive Director Rahna Epting. “DeSantis and MAGA Republicans’ vision for our country is to censor all of our diverse backgrounds and to punish those who live, love, and think differently than they do. We won’t surrender to their extremism, and our Banned Bookmobile tour will give access to books that celebrate the immense diversity of perspectives that are part of the human experience and essential to our development as a society.”

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