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CHICAGO – Two very different protests hit the streets of Chicago Saturday afternoon.

The protests were called “Back the Blue” and “Refuse Fascism.” They remained peaceful, but there was a heavy police presence at both.

Demonstrations, organized by “Refuse Fascism,” took place in cities all over the country Saturday.

They are opposing the deployment of federal agents as part of “Operation Legend.” The group gathered at Federal Plaza and marched through downtown Chicago.

The operation is aimed at helping crack down on violent crime, but adding in federal agents in Portland has already proved turbulent.

“Rallies are being held to stand with Portland,” a protester said. “This is a dangerous escalation, these federal agents are under the control of a racist regime.”

As the “Refuse Fascism” rally wrapped up, a second was getting underway in Grant Park.

The “Back the Blue” protest took place near where the Christopher Columbus statue was taken down last week.

Joseph Amado Jr. attended and said authorities are getting a raw deal.

“They’re not allowed to do their jobs, said Amado Jr. “You get rid of the police, then anarchy rules.”

Dump trucks and bridges were raised earlier in an effort to keep everyone safe.