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CHICAGO Muscle cars are being given a mission on the city’s Northwest Side Sunday, as an auto show raises funds for the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation while teaming up with car collectors.

Former CPD Supt. Phil Cline, now a member of the Memorial Foundation, has held the event for four years, using the funds to buy bulletproof vests for active-duty officers, which start at about $500.00 each.

“The vests wear out after about five years, so the officers get one when they get into the academy, but then that’s the last one they get from the city. They have to buy their own,” Cline said.

The ‘Get Behind the Vest‘ program picks up the tab as a way to give back to law enforcement and for collectors to get behind the wheels of their project cars.

“A wonderful reason for people to finish their cars, get them ready, put in fresh batteries and have a place to go and kick tires,” Burt Richmond of Hagerty Garage Social said.

The show expects to raise $20,000, and the department has purchased 11,000 vests since the start of the program.