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CHICAGO – A local business owner found a way to make life better for some recent carjacking victims in Chicago.

It’s a frightening shock that leaves behind a feeling of violation and loss. Jermaine Jordan was once a carjacking victim and is familiar with the violence.

“I know how it feels to be near death and someone puts a gun up to you and take your belongings that you work hard for,” he said.

The rash of violent crimes throughout Chicago has hit around 200 since the start of 2021. This comes after carjackings soared in the city last year.

Victims are often unable to get to work or to the grocery store after the carjacking. That’s once they come to grips with the trauma.

“I was traumatized from it. I didn’t want to come outside at first, I didn’t want to go to work because I was afraid. You’ve got to regain your faith and everything and get right back over,” said Taqueria Little.

Jordan felt their pain and found a way to help. From his White Diamond Luxury Auto Dealership on Madison, he was able to use donations from patrons at his restaurant and gifted vehicles to five recent victims and paid the deductible to a sixth.

He had some help getting in touch with the victims. Matthew Nalatt runs a Facebook group called “Chicago stolen car directory” that recently began tracking and finding stolen vehicles.

Nalatt has helped recover 180 in two months,

“In alleys, parking lots, abandoned homes, we have law enforcement in the group that helps us out, runs VIN numbers,” he said.

Often though, the vehicles are damaged beyond repair. Jordan read their messages and posts and knew he had to help.

Mario McMillan has a one and three-year-old. He was carjacked a week and a half ago. His Tucson truck was recovered, but with bullet holes.

On Thursday, Jordan allowed McMillan to take a Jeep off the lot and can get back to his life.

I do gotta go to therapy, once I’m cleared from that, hopefully I’ll be able to go back and now I have transportation to go to and from work,” McMillan said. “So I appreciate it.”

Jordan is just happy he can help.