Annual Whiting Pierogi Fest underway

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WHITING, Ind. — Chicago area residents are flocking to Whiting, Indiana this weekend for the annual pierogi fest, with vendors from across the region serving up the delicious food.

Linda of ‘Linda’s Pierogis’ has been cooking up a storm all day long, viewing the festival and the food as a way to bring her family together.

“We have potato cheddar, sweet cheese and meat,” Linda said.

Linda added that the preparation is quite intensive for the event, involving 150 lbs. of cabbage and 30 lbs. of butter, all for two days of cooking prior to the fest.

She’s been a part of the festival every year since 1998, and tells us it’s destined for continued growth in the future.

“It has grown tremendously. The very first pierogi fest, I had a sandwich place down the block, only ten vendors, so that’ll tell you how much it has grown since it first started,” Linda said.

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Someone who has been attending for years is Amber Steele.

“Every pierogi fest you can pick up sweet swag in the junkyard in Whiting,” Steele said.

Steele is more committed to the festival than one might think, cementing that passion with a pierogi tattoo.

Even if you’re not prepared to go that far, there is something for everyone at the festival, and everyone is welcome.

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