CHICAGO — Community activist Andrew Holmes teamed up with the Chicago Police Department and Chicago Survivors to hand out free gun locks at an event held outside of a Southwest Side church.

“This isn’t intervention, this is prevention, said JaShawn Hill, Executive Director of Chicago Survivors. “This is a proactive response.”

The event, spearheaded by organizations like Chicago Survivors and activists like Holmes, was held for two hours and saw dozens of community members stop by to pick up a free gun lock.

“We’re trying to save your children,” Holmes said. “The best person who can save a child is a mother, father, or you who has that gun. If you’ve got a gun, put a lock on it.”

According to Chicago Survivors, providing information and support when it comes to gun safety is vital. Over 90% of families affected by gun violence that work with Chicago Survivors have children in the home, the organization tells WGN.

“It speaks to the issue at hand, especially when we think about Chicago and all of the violence in our community,” Hill said. “It says that we do care, that we’re not hiding behind our doors, that we are coming out, that we are making noise, that we do have a voice about these issues and that we do have a solution.”

As a part of his and other organizations’ plans to focus on gun safety, Holmes said they will be taking free gun lock events to Indiana next.