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CHICAGO – The parents of a woman missing almost three years are making a renewed appeal to learn what happened to their daughter.

Standing in Daley Plaza on Sunday, the parents of Kierra Coles once again called on the public for information about her disappearance. Coles, 26, was three months pregnant with her first child when she vanished on Oct. 2, 2018. She was last seen near her apartment at 82nd and Vernon in the Chatham neighborhood.

A neighbor’s surveillance video shows Coles in her U.S. Postal Service uniform the day of her disappearance.

Her parents remain desperate to find her, asking anyone with information to come forward. They say they will never give up on their search.

“We miss her. We miss her mouth. We miss her personality,” said Coles’ mother, Karen Phillips. “We just ready for her to come home.”

“It hurts every day we ain’t able to talk, see, speak, hug, play,” said Joseph Coles, Keisha’s father. “You don’t know the things we’re going through right now. I take it the hardest because I’m going through it the most. Just know we are still here for you, baby. I’m definitely here. Until the end.”

There is a $49,500 cash reward for anyone with information that will lead to an arrest. You can submit an anonymous tip to police at

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