CHICAGO —The group of aldermen pushed for more independence from the mayor’s office happening just a week before a new mayor is elected to run the city.

The aldermen looked to increase the number of committees and subcommittees from 19 to 28 which would include adding a youth services subgroup and another focused on entertainment and conventions. Ald. Scott Waguespack (32nd Ward) helped lead the reorganization effort.

The motion passed with most committees will now be allowed 11 members, down from 20. Thursday’s vote also allows council members to pick their own committee chairs, something that mayors have hand-picked for the past few decades, helping them push their legislation through quickly.   

But not everyone was on board with the changes, calling out the last-minute move to push certain criteria through the current council.

Another change is stopping ordinances from being introduced last minute without making information available to the public.

Even though the vote is taking place Thursday, any rules approved later would still have to be re-approved by the newly elected City Council once the new term starts.