CHICAGO — Monday marks five years since Chicago Police Department commander Paul Bauer was murdered.

A memorial service was streamed online by CPD to honor Bauer. CPD Superintendent David Brown honored the late commander’s dedication to the department.

“The anniversary of Commander Bauer’s end of watch reminds us to always remember his work and honor his life and legacy,” Brown said. “He selflessly served the city of Chicago for more than 30 years.”

Bauer was shot and killed while assisting a tactical team pursuing a fleeing suspect near the Thompson Center, making him the highest-ranking Chicago police officer to be killed in decades.

“His tragic loss hopefully is a reminder to all of us that every single day, on every watch, the men and women in this department run into danger for our safety,” said Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Bauer is survived by his wife and daughter, who is about to begin college.

“Every day I strive to carry my dad’s value of commitment with me,” said Grace Bauer, Paul Bauer’s daughter. “Now when I have really long days at school, I hear my dad’s voice in my ear telling me to stick to what I said I would commit to.”