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CHICAGO — Two busses of migrants shipped from Texas arrived in Chicago Friday.

This marks the fourth time a group of migrants have arrived in Chicago from Texas.

The newest group of arrivals contained around 100 migrants, joining the 300-plus who have already arrived in Chicago over the past two weeks.

“They’ve gone through a harrowing, life-changing journey to get to the border of the United States. Then they were scooped up on a bus and sent here,” said U.S. Senator Dick Durbin. “We don’t know what the governor of Texas is going to do next, who he’s gonna dump on a bus to dump in the city of Chicago, but we’ve got to do our best to help these people.”

WGN Investigates learned that some migrants were being taken to a hotel in Burr Ridge for temporary lodging, although it is unclear at this time where this group of migrants will be taken to next.