3rd Chicago police officer stripped of powers in violent arrest at Brickyard Mall

Chicago News

CHICAGO — The Chicago Civilian Office of Police Accountability is reporting more action against officers involved in a violent arrest at the Brickyard Mall.

On May 31, video captured officers breaking windows and pulling people out of a car in the mall’s parking lot. One officer is accused of placing his knee on a woman’s neck. It happened in the chaotic days of protests after the death of George Floyd

Now, COPA says it has identified an additional officer involved in the incident – and recommended a third officer be stripped of their police powers. Chicago Police Supt. David Brown agreed.

On the topic of police accountability during days of sometimes violent demonstrations, COPA says:

  • There have been 404 complaints of police misconduct — everything from allegations of excessive force to verbal abuse, and improper searches and seizures.
  • 6 officers have been relieved of their police powers due to complaints
  • 5 cases have been referred to state or federal law enforcement for possible prosecution
  • 242 cases have been referred to police internal affairs because they involved procedural violation, like covering name tags.


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