CHICAGO — The Cook County Sheriff’s Office will be able to provide a drug that reverses overdoses to first responders and community groups thanks to a recent donation.

Two thousand doses of the life-saving drug naloxone were donated to the sheriff’s office in partnership with the Lawndale Christian Legal Center after one of their members recently revived a person at a West Side gas station. 

Matthew McFarland is a recovering addict who now dedicates his time to the Lawndale Legal Christian Center, helping people struggling with substance abuse disorder. 

He has revived about 50 people with naloxone, dating back to his days of using heroin.

Monday’s donation was offered by Louisville-based US WorldMeds and is being given to the sheriff’s office, which will then be distributed to community organizations that work firsthand with impacted people. 

“Naloxone is lifesaving,” Sheriff Tom Dart said. “Our staff has distributed more than 20,000 naloxone kits to individuals who may need it, recognizing that recovery from opioid use disorder is not easy. Through our own surveys, we know at least 40% are used in life-threatening situations. We are thankful to Matt McFarland for thinking of the Sheriff’s Office as a way to get this important medication to those who need it most.”

The donations are of single doses that are made up of five milligrams and are administered via injection.