CHICAGO — Two vacant buildings along Chicago’s State Street in the Loop are among the country’s most endangered historic places.

On Tuesday, the National Trust for Historic Preservation unveiled its 2023 America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places list, an annual ranking that spotlights significant US sites at risk of destruction or irreparable damage.

The Century Building and the Consumers Building, just east of the Dirksen Federal Building in the 200 block of S. State Street, have been targeted for demolition by the federal government’s General Services Administration

The government repurchased the buildings in 2005 to expand federal office space, but the buildings have sat vacant since then. The city also dropped plans to buy and sell them to a private developer for residential use, worrying that it would give occupants a direct line of sight into the courthouse. 

In the past, advocates have urged “reuse options that could meet security needs of the adjacent federal courthouse while avoiding the buildings’ wasteful demolition,” according to the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

As such, the organization is asking locals interested in preserving the building to contact the GSA to stop the building’s demolishing.

The Century Building and the Consumers Building opened in 1913 and 1915, respectively.

“This year’s list of the nation’s most endangered historic places is a portfolio of sites that are nearly as diverse as the American experience itself,” said Jay Clemens, interim president and CEO of the National Trust. “The places on this list come in all forms, from individual residences to entire neighborhoods, and are located across the country from small communities to urban streetcorners and rural landscapes. The diversity of sites on the 2023 list—and the stories behind them—reflect the complexities and challenges that have always been part of what it means to be American but have not always received the attention they deserve. Losing any of them would diminish us all.”

For the second consecutive year, both skyscrapers almost made Landmarks Illinois‘ 2023 ‘Most Endangered Historic Places in Illinois’ list. Founded in 1971, Landmarks Illinois promotes the preservation, restoration and adaptive reuse of historic buildings and sites.