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CHICAGO — The Chicago Bar Association with its 20,000 members says it will not stand for President Trump’s travel ban. Attorneys who participated in a press conference today say the travel ban is not legal in many ways.

They also accused President Trump of going too far in slamming a federal judge, calling the judge a “so-called judge” and his ruling “ridiculous”.

Several lawyers organizations and business associations stood united this morning at Chicago Bar Association headquarters, 321 South Plymouth Court in the Loop.

They believe there is no rational basis for the ban on people entering the U.S. from seven predominantly Muslim nations.

They accuse the President of stirring the pot, of continuing the negative rhetoric of the campaign.

President Trump’s order, signed ten days ago, caused a lot of confusion at airports nationwide. Travelers with green cards and valid visas were detained.

Attorneys say the ban is a blatant violation of the First Amendment, which guarantees the government will not favor or disfavor any religion.

They say it may also violate the Immigration Act of 1965 which prohibits discrimination based on nationality.

The Bar Association also praises the courage of the attorneys who have been camped out at O’Hare Airport since the ban went into effect, working pro bono to help travelers.

The Bar Association issued a call to law enforcement to enforce the rule of law, a call to lawyers and judges to protect the Constitution, and to Muslim Americans to step up, step out, and stand up for their rights as Americans.