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CHICAGO — Chicago police have released crime numbers for the month of July Thursday, and they show a 9% crime decrease compared to last year. Police say these latest numbers show they are making progress across the city. Officials are especially proud of this decrease because it includes the summer months when violence is typically more likely. But they only released a summary of the data, not raw numbers. Chicago police claim they are seeing sustaining declines in violent crime citywide, and say murders are down 11%, robberies are down 19%, burglaries down 19% and car thefts down by 6%. This is all compared to the same time frame last year, January through July.
Despite there being 231 shootings last month alone, police claim shootings are down year to date by 11 percent. They say last year in July, there were 17% more shootings than there were this year. So far this year, there have been more than 1200 shootings citywide. Nearly 1600 people have been victims of gunshots. Despite this, police are calling this sustained progress in reducing violent crime. In June 2019, there were 43 murders and a total of 282 murders so far this year. Police are also touting their efforts to get guns off the streets, and say they have seized more than 5300 guns so far this year – nearly 10% more than last year.